Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor
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With a smaller width brim of our biggest cycling classic visor, Da Brim® sporty cycling helmet visors offer improved performance for faster riders and good 360° coverage.  

  • UPF50+
  • Special sizing and features for cycling use
  • Adjustable front visor angle and rear brim height to accommodate different riding styles, user preferences, and helmet designs
  • Front strap keeps brim from flopping forward and impairing vision
  • Rear brim height adjustment also allows for effective use with backpacks and hydration packs
  • Contoured brim provides added neck sun protection
  • Water repellent
  • Air flows freely through helmet vents, promoting cooling
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • No sticky adhesives
  • Tested to combined wind speeds of 35 mph (sum of your speed and wind from all directions).  Designed for the faster rider.
  • Add our front stabilizer for recumbent riding.
  • One size fits most
  • Bottom of all brims is black to minimize glare.
  • Available in 5 colors/patterns. 

Sporty cycling helmet visor models are designed for cycling helmets and for use in bicycling activities only.

  • Item #: 100150

Sporty Cycling Helmet Visor

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